Coronavirus: First Uk Patients Treated For Suspected Deadly Virus After Travelling From China

As reported on 23rd January 2020, the world health organisation (WHO) says that it was too early to declare an international public health emergency. It has been over six months now, and the world has completely shut down any possible gatherings all around the world.

The coronavirus has been harming the world since November 2019. The world has suddenly come to a complete halt after all the infections, local and international. Travel, tourism, every institution that encourages any gathering has been shut down.
Date: 23rd January 2020.

Fourteen people were first suspected with a virus in the united kingdom, which had already infected over a hundred people in Wuhan, China and then it was spread all around the other countries including as far as the united states.

On testing five of the cases, the confirmed results came negative while the rest of the nine points are still waiting for the results as reported by the Public Health England. However, they did not reveal any details about the venue where the possibly infected patients or the quarantined.
After eighteen people were killed in China, the World Health Organisation addressed that it is ‘too early’ to declare any global pandemic or any international health emergency.

Director general of the world health organisation – Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that it was just an emergency in China only, but the world doesn’t have to be concerned or panicked about any global crisis at the moment.
Coronavirus: cases soar of the deadly new flu-like virus.

Ghebreyesus also said that the World Health Organisation’s risk assessment is that the virus outbreak is at significant risk in china and can be a high risk regionally and globally shortly.

The Scottish government although informed that there are no confirmed cases in the united kingdom. However, several people are being tested and quarantined on a precautionary basis; the risk remains low to the public. A Downing Street spokesperson said that the tests are purely a precautionary measure and that nobody has tested positive in the united kingdom for the deadly virus. They also added that they are in close contact with the world health organisation and the other international partners.

The spokesperson told that they are well prepared and well equipped and that the officials and the ministers will try their best to keep the situation under a continuous review and that the prime minister is being alerted and maintained updated all the time.

The spokesperson said it was believed that the people undergoing the tests were only Chinese nationals. Matt Hancock – health secretary, on Thursday, said that the NHS was fully prepared and ready to respond appropriately to any suspected or detected cases of coronavirus.In a statement to the MPs in the House Commons, Matt Hancock said that while there is a constant increase likelihood that the cases might arise in the country soon, they are well prepared and well equipped to deal with any inconvenience.

China suspended all its flights, on Wednesday night, including all international services, out of the Wuhan city which is the epicentre of the deadly virus outbreak killing numerous people.

Cities closer to Wuhan like Huanggang is on a complete lockdown as the officials are trying to contain the spread of the virus at the most.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that the people suffering from the virus and the dead had underlying health conditions and diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or any cardiovascular diseases.

The organisation has not recommended against broader restrictions on trade and travel over the deadly outbreak at this time. The residents of Wuhan have been instructed to wear masks in public as the officials are battling to halt the spread of the virus.

According to the Chinese state media, there were 653 confirmed cases of the virus as of 7 pm on Thursday.

Earlier Mr Matt Hancock said that the number of deaths and the cases were likely to be higher than that have been confirmed so fae due to the rapid development like the situation.

He also told the MPs how the cases were not contained in Wuhan and have been spread like wildfire in countries like Thailand, Japan, South Korea and the united states, as reported. Hancock added that that the affected have experienced cold, viral fever and flu-like symptoms and some cases could not be recovered and have proven fatal.

He said that the officials have been closely monitoring the situations personally and have put in place proportionate and precautionary measures. Public Health England officials have been carrying out enhanced monitoring of all the direct flights from the Wuhan city and all the passengers travelling on direct flights from china will receive pieces of information and SOPs on what to do prevent catching the virus and also what to do if they fall ill.

Chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, is in contact with the international experts and his counterparts to monitor the situation and keep things under control as much as possible.

One British traveller was quite surprised that there were not more checks at the Heathrow airport for those people travelling form the Chinese city at the heart of a deadly virus outbreak.
The British passenger, Thomas Crosby said that the passengers were only handed leaflets telling them to call a health professional immediately if they develop and even doubt about any new symptoms of coronavirus. However, there wasn’t any screening or sanitisation at the boarding or the landing of the flight.

Mr Crosby also told the BBC news that none of the passengers was checked or had their temperature measure. The passengers weren’t even questioned at the passport control.