Top 5 Countries For Best Medical Tours

You deserve to get the best treatment even if it requires you to reach out to other countries. So here we are to give you a brief analysis of the top 5 countries for your medical tour.

Medical tourism in Turkey

Turkey has become a favorite medical tourism destination for international travelers including those from the Middle Eastern states and regions. Turkey has rapidly gained a reputation in providing high-quality medical and wellness health care in numerous fields making the country one of the most accessible to people around the world in search of patient-centered excellence in health and wellness care.

State-of-the-art facilities throughout the country provide access to highly trained and experienced physicians and surgeons. The majority of Turkish doctors and surgeons are trained in Western Europe for the United States.
Offering the latest in technologies and techniques, top treatment packages include dental treatment, dental implants, cancer treatment, hair transplant, fertility treatment, metabolic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and robotic surgery.

Turkey offers some of the latest in high-tech surgical equipment and technologies including robotic surgery, genetic disease testing, Lasik technologies, guided radio surgery, chemotherapy, and nuclear radiation. Top medical centers in Turkey includes multi-specialty treatment center, plastic surgery clinics, and hair transplant centers, cancer treatment center, eye treatment center, dental treatment center, obesity, and metabolic surgery, etc.

  1. Practically zero waiting time.
  2. Low-cost treatments.
  3. Turkish Airlines offer a discount to those flying in for medical reasons.

Medical tourism in India

People from around the world have discovered the benefits of traveling to India for excellent and timely care. India is home to some of the finest surgeons, doctors, and dentists in the world. India is one of the largest medical providers that offer accessible quality services to medical travelers from around the world. As a medical destination, India offers a variety of treatments and surgical procedures performed with modern equipment for a successful outcome.

Top treatment packages include knee replacement, surgery cancer treatment, plastic surgery treatment, gastric sleeve surgery, fertility treatment, hair transplant, treatment of hip replacement surgery, shoulder replacement surgery. Top medical centers in India include cancer treatment center, weight loss treatment center, wellness treatment Center, multi-specialty treatment center, orthopedic spine treatment center, fertility treatment center, dental treatment center, and plastic surgery treatment center.

In a welcome move, the Government of India has removed the visa restrictions that required generally a gap of two months between two consecutive visits for patients coming from the Gulf country. It's a welcome move by the Government of India that's likely to boost tourism. The tourist visa regime has been expanded to include medical visits as well. Also, a visa on arrival scheme has been instituted by the Government of India that will allow the foreign nationals to stay in India for a period of six months for medical.

  1. Treatment-cum-leisure destination.
  2. Availability of medical experts.
  3. Low-cost consulting fee.
  4. Low treatment cost.
  5. No waiting period for treatment.

Medical tourism in Thailand

Thailand is great for medical tourism because of the medical facilities in Thailand and the well trained medical professionals. There are 500 US board-certified PI doctors who work in Thailand and it also has about 15 or 16 medical facilities that are accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International). Many hospitals have rooms reminiscent of 5-star hotels and with the medical concierge it is not difficult to also choose a luxury resort property to recover and after your hospital stay.

Pricing is also a key factor with many procedures costing one-quarter of what they would in the United States. For example, if they look for having bypass surgery in the U.S. it would cost them about 140,000 U.S. dollars but if they travel to Thailand for the same procedure it would cost about 25,000. There are many procedures available there but not available in the U.S. like stem-cell procedures. There are companies like Kiana's who make it their mission to ensure that a patient's needs of comfort are attended to.

  1. A medical tourism industry that dates back to the '70s.
  2. An airport that's well serviced from around the world and easy visa processes.
  3. Bumrungrad International Hospital offers every kind of procedure imaginable to more than 400,000 international patients each year.

Medical Tourism in Malaysia

Why would so many foreigners come to a place like this? Well, for one thing, it's the money. A heart bypass can start at about $50,000 in the U.S. but here and many places like here it tops out at about nine thousand dollars. The cost includes the mandatory stay of ICU following surgery specialist fees and up to seven additional recovery days in the hospital. That's a pretty good deal.

Inside the National Heart Institute, they've got eight separate operating theaters and they're doing 15 open-heart surgeries every single day. They're doing pediatric heart surgeries at one-third the cost of what would cost you in the United States but treatment in Malaysia doesn't just start and end with surgery.

When looking into medical tourism it's very important to consider the bigger picture. Many hospitals can help with both recuperation and aftercare and then there's another reason why people come here. It's about the concept of wellness that's right. For one hundred and fifty dollars you get a complete medical workup, a comprehensive stress test, and about everything else, from soup to nuts. You can end this wellness trip with a trip to one of Asia's most vibrant cities, Kuala Lumpur.

  1. Hospitals offer luxurious rooms more akin to hotel suites than hospital wards.
  2. Prince Court Medical Centre even has indoor hydrotherapy pools.

Medical Tourism in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country of rivers, islands, and gorgeous beaches that attracts visitors from around the world. A mild climate, delicious cuisine, and thousands of years a fascinating history steeped in thousand-year-old culture and traditions backend world travelers who led themselves amazed by the wonders and scenic beauty of this small Asian country. But did you know that Singapore has a long history of being a leader in healthcare and medical technology? Indeed, Singapore has earned the reputation of being one of the top medical tourist destinations in Asia.

High-quality medical care and facilities await patients arriving from around the world to benefit from Singapore's experts, physicians, and surgeons in the fields of Dentistry, cardiac procedures, orthopedic surgeries, and organ transplant programs. Numerous international travelers visit Singapore every year to benefit from low-cost surgical procedures and high-quality care and facilities. Many companies help patients reach renowned medical clinics in Singapore and have access to customized affordable treatment packages. There are plenty of options waiting for you.

  1. The healthcare bill is still going to be around 70% less than it would be anywhere in the US.
  2. Many US companies have this policy of paying their employees for surgeries in Singapore, paid costs of the procedures as well as the trip expenses.
  3. Singapore’s health system is in 6th place in the world.

Now it's up to you where you want to get treated. All these 5 places are the best and you won't regret going to any one of them. Just remember your health is your actual wealth.